Yacht Brokerage

Yacht Brokerage

All yachts have been fully maintained and are ready to sail away.

Sail Grenadines yachts are very popular due to the constant care and maintenance they have had through their lives. They have only been used by qualified or capable caring clients – they are not tired, run down ex-flotilla charter boats. None of the boats listed have suffered any major damage.


All Sail Grenadines yachts are subject to stringent maintenance programs. Each time the yacht is at base it receives a 120 point check list. Servicing is completed to strict schedules according to the manufacturer’s specification. The smallest of faults are diagnosed and fixed as they occur. We fix the cause of any problem.


We offer all new owners the opportunity to learn about care of their yacht, how it is winterised and the points that should be checked. We realise that you may be a new yacht owner and you will find our professional support invaluable. A full handover and demonstration of all equipment on the on the yacht will be provided to all new owners.


We are more than happy to provide a continued complete care package for any of our ex-fleet yachts, they are all on full serviceable condition. Even it you don’t plan to use the yacht as a live a board on a full-time basis, we can arrange to look after and maintain her when you are not on board.


Everything you need to sail the yacht away is included on board, so you will not need any additional expenditure in order to take the yacht out on its first day. This includes charts, pilot book, a generous amount of ropes and fenders, even down to pegs in the peg basket!


As an RYA training school, we can provide training to all levels to ensure you enjoy your new yacht to its maximum.


  • NOTE : Yachts below are for sale but still in charter and they are in excellent condition. On purchase, discuss sailing the yacht away at the end of the charter season or keeping her on charter for another year.