Yacht Purchase for Crewed Charter
Partnership Options in the Windward Islands

Crewed Yacht Management and Partnership

For Potential Yacht Buyers and Existing Yacht Owners

This Management Scheme was founded as a way to provide a reliable solution for Potential and Existing Yacht Owners who don’t want their boat chartered bareboat or for Yacht Owners who are considering a full time captain or crew onboard their vessel.


  • Professional Qualified Crew who are overseen directly by our base team
  • Your boat is checked regularly and follows a detailed check point list every time it finishes charter
  • Qualified, competent, professional crew – 20+ years recruiting captains and crews
  • The Grenadines has less than five permanently based Crewed Boats at this time. With direct flights from the UK and many more flights to other locations, this is the time to invest in the area. Booking Enquiries for Crewed Charter easily outweigh the number of crewed boats in the area.  

We recognize that every Yacht Owner has different requirements and we are therefore able to personalise what we offer, to handle not only the day to day operations of your boat, but also your long term goals and the reasons for buying the boat in the first place.

  • Over 20 years of experience managing catamarans and yachts
  • A personal approach.
  • Attention to Detail and High level of Organization
  • Over 20 years of coding and registering boats for deliveries, charter and private use worldwide.
  • Over 20 years experience in Recruiting Captains and Chefs in Europe and the Caribbean
  • Connections worldwide in the yachting industry.

How it Works for Potential and Existing Yacht Owners 

    • A) We can advise on how to equip the boat for the maximum charter interest. For example we can recommend what watermaker / Ac units are best, what galley items or interiors works well, what technical equipment is essential or and what watersports are needed to maximise bookings and keep charter clients happy! Our advice is unbiased and will help you spend where you need to and not overspend where you don’t.
    • B) We can organise the coding, insurance safety inspections, surveys and set up the business operations paperwork of the yacht.
    • C) We recruit the Captain and Crew (Unless you have someone you already want to use in mind) and spend time doing training and ensuring your expectations and guidelines are met. We will then assist in the staging and showing of your yacht at the Charter Yacht Shows to introduce it to the charter market.
    • D) We manage your booking calendar, the upkeep of your social media, pricing updates and checks and the logistics of having the boat available for you when and where you want to use it.
    • E) We will send you bi-monthly updates of your boat accounts and you can chat to your captain and crew directly at any time
    • F) When booking charters, our team can oversee contracting on your behalf so you have no paperwork to worry about.
    • G) We can keep you updated on how your boat is behaving and she is kept ready for yours or any client arrival at all times.  You can use her for as many weeks as you want to.

Most importantly, there is lots to think about when putting a boat on charter and we are here to provide the solutions and manage the whole process so you don’t have to.


The Crew 

Either a full time captain or a full time captain and chef team are allocated to your yacht. This crew are on board to ensure the continual upkeep and maintenance of your boat to the highest standards with the full back up and support of a team working alongside them. We manage the crew, payments and the logistics. When your boat has a more specialist maintenance issue, our team will oversee and manage.

If you have your own yacht and professional crew, please chat to us about our partnership options.

Coding and Commercial Use

Depending on the location of your boat and where you plan to keep her for charter, our team can advise on the commercial coding and safety requirements and finalise all the necessary equipment and finer details as it relates to the flag state of your yacht. We can offer guidance as to what commercial or private coding works well and organise the surveys and documentation as needed.

Commercial Operation

Your boat will be registered as a company and it will be run like a business. We will manage the day to day operations of every aspect. We can then put you in touch with the necessary accountants or lawyers as required. Everything will be stored online where you have access anytime.

Our Sales and Marketing Team

Our team is small yet we reach far. We know our industry very well and in the areas we don’t know, we work hard to build connections with bigger brokerage companies and marketing teams worldwide. We care about what we do and we work hard to ensure our boat owners, clients and our crews are looked after.

Services and Support

We have a wealth of contacts in the Grenadines and the SVG Yacht Services Team with professional Agents on any island would ensure your crew and guests are supported throughout their charters and during the yacht’s down time. Assistance can be provided with provisioning, clearance, reservations, activities, docking, troubleshooting and much more.

Crewed Yacht Options