Yacht Ownership

Yacht Ownership

New & Used Yachts and Yacht Maintenance

Whether you are looking to buy a brand new shiny yacht, a pre-loved second hand yacht or you already have a boat that you need someone to look after, we have something to offer you.

With our Bareboat Yacht partnership scheme, you can invest in a new bareboat yacht or catamaran that Sail Grenadines will use in their charter fleet and earn an income while using the yacht for a number of weeks each season. We aim to ensure your boat is kept immaculate throughout its charter season and our scheme works well for persons wanting the high maintenance and upkeep standards as their boat as their main priority when choosing a charter operation. Our sister company in Greece would also charter your catamaran should you decide to change the location after a year or two.

Do you already have a quality catamaran or yacht under 55ft that you’d like to enter into our charter scheme? Take a look at our Charter Management section. We take on bareboat yachts/catamarans which are 1 – 3 years old only.

Are you looking at a larger yacht purchase or yacht management of an existing boat (over 48ft)? How about Crewed Yacht Management? Should you have a larger catamaran suitable for skippered or crewed charter, we can offer a minimum two year scheme and manage your boat, crew, calendar in Europe and in the Caribbean.

Our Yacht Brokerage offers a small selection of boats for sale which are looking for new owners. These boats are either sold as part of a charter scheme or sold after they have finished their charter scheme.

Or if you own a boat that you’d like maintained or looked after in Grenada or the Grenadines by our team of professionals, then see our Yacht Guardianage service – several options to choose from to make sure your vessel is being well looked after.

Would you like personalised advice on our Yacht Ownership? Contact katie@sailgrenadines.com initially who will get straight back to you!

New Yacht Partnership

Add your new yacht or catamaran to our charter fleet

Yacht Partnership

Discover our yacht management scheme that takes away any of your maintenance or management worries

Crewed Yacht Partnership

A reliable solution for potential and existing yacht owners for crewed charters

Yacht Guardianage

Reliable qualified engineers with time for quality work

Yacht Brokerage

Immaculately Maintained Second Hand Yachts For Sale