Scheme Details

Partnership Advantages 

There are many advantages of owning a yacht with our partnership scheme, many but not all of these are financial. Owning a yacht privately involves extensive maintenance, preparation of the yacht, and the costs of mooring, insurance, and winterisation.

You spend your holiday sailing, the yacht is prepared, fueled and watered ready to go when you arrive. You spend your holiday sailing

  • The yacht is kept in one of the most beautiful and safest sailing areas in the world.
  • There are NO running or maintenance costs
  • There are NO mooring fees
  • There is NO insurance to pay
  • The yacht can produce a substantial income
  • The yacht is fully maintained by experts
  • You sail the Southern Ionian with full support services
  • We take care of winterisation, servicing etc.
  • VAT deferred to the end of the management period (New yachts)
  • Everything is stress free you can sail your dream yacht without spending hours on maintenance
  • We are a family company and treat the yachts as our own and offer flexibility within the scheme
  • We can also provide training and assistance to those new to yachting in a relaxed atmosphere
  • When you use your yacht there are generally no mooring or anchoring fees in the Ionian



Partnership Details


We operate two partnership schemes. Income is payable with scheme 1 – some of which is guaranteed. Income is paid at a fixed rate for each week the yacht goes out. Scheme 2 is without income. The Estimated Income is a genuine expectation of what you will earn you based on the boat going out on charter for 16 weeks. Most of our yachts exceeded the expected earnings last year, none called on the guaranteed levels. Some achieve more than the maximum particularly if the investors don’t use all of their sailing allowance.


Sail Ionian have been established since 2003 operating from Vliho in the Southern Ionian. The Ionian is not a strong wind area and yachts are only operated for six months a year hence yachts are not heavily used. Your yacht may be used in all areas of Greece.


Usage is generally based on 6 weeks per annum split between low and mid seasons, other usage patterns can be accommodated. (There is a small
turn-round cost for each usage). The scheme also allows weeks to be swapped for a Caribbean based yacht.


Our standards are extremely high with a 120 point engineering check completed each time we see your yacht. Annually our extensive winterisation, cleaning & servicing program is completed. This includes an “A Glaze of the GRP”. You will not have a tired looking yacht at the end of 5 seasons.


We pay all yacht running costs including insurance, mooring fees and routine maintenance, during the first 5 years of  the agreement. If it breaks we fix it !


All prices quoted are shown in Euro. The agreed price will be in Euro, prices will be adjusted to actual rate at time of payment.


Is payable at the end of the charter period if the yacht returns to private ownership in Europe or is sold to an individual European buyer.


The scheme length is five seasons, this may be extended by mutual agreement. The investor may terminate the agreement in any year.


All of our charterers have to meet the legal requirements in addition we personally evaluate the ability to sail the size of yacht requested. As an RYA training school we provide additional training if required.


Depreciation is typically 20-25% over 5 years. The quality of the yachts has historically produced good sales results.