Refreshers and Skill Building

Refresher sailing courses in the Grenadines are ran by our onsite Yachtmaster Instructors – anything from 1 day to 1 week sailing with instruction– with no exams! We focus on what you want to practice and prepare you for whatever comes next in your sailing plans!

Many of our guests are a little rusty, they want to polish their skills before chartering with family and have asked if we run informal, relaxed tuition to the RYA standard. You will have input into what is covered but the week will focus on honing skills and is expected to include shorthanded tips, power handling, sail trim, mooring, long lining, anchoring, pilotage and general seamanship skills to make you a more professional, relaxed skipper.

We have also ran many weeks for new boat owners who would like to get to know their yacht – our instructors will not only advise with maintenance but also help get the most out of the yacht or catamaran in terms of the best way to moor, or try a few different ways to build skills in rescuing a man overboard.

If you are heading across the Atlantic, the Pacific or another adventure, our advanced instructors can offer advice on storm sail tactics, using sea anchors or drogues, advanced weather routing – just about anything!

The training will be taught at a relaxed pace with lots and lots of tips for easy shorthanded sailing all combine to give you the ultimate refresher.