Covid 19 Entry Procedures Saint Vincent
Updated August 2021

Thinking of a Holiday in SVG? Here is everything you need to know…

All passengers intending to visit SVG should read the first document of this link:

In summary as of August 2021, what this means for our clients thinking about sailing in 2021/2022

  • You need to get a PCR Test before you depart your country (test within 72 hours of landing)
  • You will probably have a PCR test on arrival in SVG (nose swab).
  • You can join one of our yachts on arrival if you apply in advance but you cannot go ashore. You can relax on board, kayak, snorkel, dive, use the onboard wifi, read a book, maybe learn to fish (!) and once your results come back negative you are cleared from quarantine.
  • Results take 24 hrs – 48 hrs maximum.
  • On the day of your result, you can go sailing.
  • The SVG Islands are beautiful and remote and there are turtles and rays everywhere! All the islands are open and SVG has not been locked down since Covid started. If you dare the travel, you will be welcomed by empty sandy beaches, great snorkelling, quiet anchorages and Caribbean paradise!

If you decided to fly into St Lucia or Grenada and join a boat for your sailing trip, everything above applies however, after your PCR Test in St Lucia or Grenada you will need to depart the country within 72 hours of your PCR test and apply at least 5 days in advance to enter St Vincent submitting vaccine certificates (not cards) and a request for quarantine form. You probably wont need to retest again on arrival in SVG but this is up to the health officials at the time.

NOTE : Testing stations in St Vincent are generally private and not in the hospitals. If arriving by boat you will be in a private open air hotel facility with very few people. If you are staying in a hotel, the testing will be done at your hotel.

Getting a PCR test to return home can be done on any Grenadine Island and costs $60US. This is easy to arrange and results take up to 48 hours usually

Wondering how you survive in Quarantine? Choose a small hotel or villa offering space to walk around, large balconies, pool, air conditioning, all inclusive meal plans¬† or private chef. Then read your book, plan your sailing itinerary, relax, enjoy the sunshine from the balcony, catch up on work so you can really relax when you go sailing… and remember that the Grenadines are worth the wait!

More Questions??? 
Email, a verified charter broker and travel agent and she can help answer any more questions and assist you in finding the perfect boat!

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