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Sailing the Grenadines since 1998

Katie, Chris, Di, Neil

15+ Years Chartering and Promoting Yachting in the Grenadine Islands.

Family owned, Sail Grenadines has been built on a foundation of dedicated service and a passion for the sailing lifestyle. We have personally been sailing in the Grenadines for more than 15 years and love the area, the culture and our close friends.

Having first crossed the Atlantic with the ARC in 1999 we explored the island chain from Trinidad to the BVIs but kept coming back to the Grenadines as the ‘real Caribbean‘. Katie (with surname Bingham at the time) initially started the charter business in the Caribbean by sailing yachts from our our sister company Sail Ionian in Greece, to take advantage of the complimentary Caribbean season. We also soon discovered that the Caribbean season stretched into the European summer with some of the best sailing taking place between April and June. So in 2012 we created a small Caribbean Fleet of Yachts.

We started with the intention of teaching locals of Union Island and Mayreau to get qualified and start their careers in yachting. Our RYA Sea school was established here on Union Island in 2012 and we operated free Competent Crew courses alongside the other training we did to anyone who wanted to take part. At one point we were qualifying about one vincentian a week and classes included everything from VHF training to Sail Trim to Basic Navigation. But eventually after working on this beautiful remote island of Union Island with its limited access to basic supplies (and with a water supply that ran out weekly!) and with the limited support from authority about the value of the yachting industry, the base needed to move and did so in 2015 to Bequia Island.

We established our main base in Bequia for our main base for operations and made use of the Bequia Marina, safe anchorage and secure moorings. Bequia is an ideal location to explore the Grenadines and for those looking to sail further, Lucia and Grenada can easily be reached.

Bequia is an ideal location for time ashore also and having made Bequia home in 2015, Katie and John managed the operations here and continually aimed to spread knowledge and train those around them as mechanics, sales persons, yacht cleaners, sailors, crew and captains. A very reliable local team of staff has formed over the years in Bequia who have worked with them since they arrived and as persons qualify as captains or crew they have moved on from the islands elsewhere. Our attentive team enjoy sharing their inside knowledge to the area and the islands culture with everyone who visits and nothing is ever too much trouble. 

With Covid lockdown Katie and the team moved attentions to assisting to be a form of communication between the health authorities and yachting community to keep the yacht borders to stay open and help yachting tourism to continue to support the local coastal communities of SVG. At some of the quietest times of Caribbean Yachting, St Vincent and the Grenadines had more yachts checking into the country than most other islands in the Caribbean. We believe this was closely linked to structure created within SVG to facilitate arrivals and the invaluable support and comminication built between the health teams at the time, SVG Tourism members and the Arrivals Team created.  This phased out at the end of 2021 and in January 2022 business has since resumed to yacht chartering as we welcomed back our clients. 

Sail Grenadines now provides quality yacht charters in the area and the team have a wealth of knowledge to provide an exceptional experience. We are working closely also with larger yachts who wish to visit the area for a few months for charter and give them the support and knowledge the crews need to offer successful charters in the country and support the local economy and we continue to build and maintain a small fleet fleet of our own quality catamarans in Bequia for crewed and captain charter holidays. 

The whole team of Sail Grenadines are keen to welcome you back to the islands and are ready to ensure everything runs smoothly and you can relax, have fun and enjoy our paradise!

Personalised Service

If you need anything at all, no matter where you are in the region, we will be there. We place your happiness above all else and are here to make sure your holiday is unforgettable.

Knowledgeable Staff

Our Yacht Masters have years of experience sailing in the Caribbean and the world. Whether you're on an RYA course or a chartered holiday, you'll be in good hands.

A Fantastic Experience

The area has something for everyone - Great Sailing - Quality Beaches - Snorkelling and Diving - Lobster Beach BBQs - Catch Tuna and other good eating fish - Rum Punch and Reggae Music - THE GRENADINES ARE REAL CARIBBEAN

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